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"The Sun" Mandala Art

"The Sun" Mandala Art

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This Mandala art piece, "The Sun", is made from sturdy MDF board and displays a striking color scheme that shifts from orange to white at sunrise and back to orange at sunset. With expertly guided lines and a vibration number of 3, this piece exudes a calm and harmonious energy that enhances mood and promotes relaxation. The intricate patterns symbolize the origins, storage, circulation, and radiation of energy, promoting creativity, communication, and spiritual growth in everyday life. Each piece is hand-painted with acrylic paint and protected with a varnish coating, making it perfect for displaying on any wall. Simply wipe clean with a dry cloth to maintain its beauty and bring a sense of peace to any living space. A must-have for any art enthusiast or mindfulness practitioner, "The Sun" Mandala art adds joy and warmth to any home or office.

Product code: SUN10H-14

Material: MDF board, Size: 14 Inches (Diameter)


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